Acute Care

    The Acute Care Divisionís strategic priority is to further develop the Stroke and Cardiac Systems in Texas.† This will be done by enhancing and improving patient care, evolving system... more

    The TETAF EMS Division supports EMS and the role of EMS in the trauma and acute care systems of Texas through advocacy, education, resources and legislative initiatives utilizing strategic goals and... more
    Injury Prevention

    The TETAF Injury Prevention Division focuses on injury prevention education, injury prevention resources, advancement of injury prevention and safety at the RAC and state level... more

    The TETAF Pediatric Division is leading efforts to enhance and evolve pediatric emergency and trauma care in Texas. Chaired by Lori Vinson, Trauma Services Director, Childrenís... more
    Professional Education

    The TETAF Professional Education Division works to bring educational offerings that will build knowledge in emergency health care, trauma systems, pediatric, acute care, disaster management, RAC... more
    RAC and Disaster

    The TETAF Regional Advisory Council (RAC) and Disaster Divisionís strategic priority is to further develop the mission of the RACs to enhance and improve patient care, evolve and... more

    The TETAF Trauma Divisionís strategic priority is to further enhance and improve the Texas Trauma System through operational support, education, legislative initiatives and advocacy... more

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